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Can I use your Hyaluronic Acid Serum as an injectable?

Can I use your Hyaluronic Acid Serum as an injectable?
Update Time:2018-04-17

Can I use your Hyaluronic Serum as an injectable?

hyaluronic acid for face

No, this Neutriherbs pure hyaluronic acid serum  is not to be injected into the skin, and could be very dangerous if one injected it rather than using as a topical. Injectables undergo a different process, and the sterilization in which it is packaged is not even the same. You could suffer from an infection from injecting something that was not meant to be used in that way. Definitely leave injections to the physicians who are trained and certified to do so. Also, OZ Naturals does not sell injectables. If you are considering having injectables performed on your skin, please go to a doctor's office who specializes in this field. This is a very involved process that one should never administer on themselves unless they are trained and certified.