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Can I use more than one blend at a time?

Can I use more than one blend at a time?
Update Time:2018-04-17

Can I use more than one blend at a time?

Our essential oil is already blend essential oils. It has its own functions. You can use our blend essential oils according to different situations. When you have finished using this one, you can use the next one. It is not recommended to mix two essential oils together.

Our aromatherapy oils belongs to aromatherapy grade, it's easy to use, can be used for massage, fumigation, bath, diffusion..

Essential Oil Blends for Sleep 

Lose yourself in the warm, let you sleep like a baby. 

Refreshing Aromatherapy Essential Oils 

Positively Energize. 

Romance Essential Oil

Relax your nerves and emotion, inspire Romance! 

Stress Relief Blend Essential Oil

Step away from all that work madness, sit back, relax. 

Peace and Calming Essential Oil 

calm the mind, body and spirit with a perfect infusion of relaxation and tranquility; 

Essential Oils for Stress 

Bring about a state of peace and quiet and promote feeling of happiness and joy. 

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