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Are your whitening cream safe?

Are your whitening cream safe?
Update Time:2018-01-16

Are your whitening cream safe?

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Yes,of course. Our skin lightening cream is completely safe for your skin. You can feel free to use

Neutriherbs Brightening & Whitening Cream is formulated to lighten and brighten skin tone while continuously energizing and hydrating skin. Made from exclusive ingredients including Arbutin, Vitamin C, Aloe Vera, Citrus Flower Extract, ect. This extra strength formula consists of a dynamic combination of ingredients that targets excessive melanin production and fights against melanin oxidation. 

Does not contain any harmful substances. Effectively help you reduce melanin, the skin becomes lighter.

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But You need to pay attention to a few points before using our whitening cream

1.Avoid Using Multiple Solutions at the Same Time

Some people are usually tempted to use more than one whitening cream at the same time in a bid to make the process proceed faster. However, there are times when the effects of two different skin whitening creams will cause an adverse reaction that may damage your skin, sometimes irreversibly. Unless you are specifically instructed to use two products together by your dermatologist or as part of the instructions, you should avoid doing this.

2.The truth is skin bleaching creams do not get rid of the melanin permanently.

This is because the skin is constantly being renewed, and this includes formation of new melanin by melanin-producing cells known as melanocytes. The use of our high quality and effective whitening creams which safely lighten the skin for a long time can be tried. If you want to have lighter skin for a long time, you need use more frequently, and simply make it part of your daily routine to use the lightening cream.

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