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How is your Gold Series?

How is your Gold Series?
Update Time:2018-04-17

How is your Gold Series?

Our gold mask contain gold, it’s a good carrier, when it apply on face, it can improve skin's blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, let the pore open and the natural herbs extract and collagen can easily be absorbed by skin, replenishing lost collagen and giving your skin an immediately soft and moisturized appearance with elasticity.

24K Gold Facial Mask, 24K Gold Under Eye Patch, 24K Gold Eye Mask, 24K Neck Mask, 24K Gold Breast Mask, 24K Gold Lip Mask

 24K Gold Collagen Mask


1.Made from Gold.

2.Anti wrinkle&Anti Aging.

3.SGS, Intertek, meet EU market Standard.

4.Assist customer registers their brand.

5.Up to Standard ISO9001:2008.


1.Accept OEM service.

2.Accept Paypal Payment.

3.Free design.

4.After Sales.

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