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31 Ways to Have More Fun With Your Boobs Every Day

31 Ways to Have More Fun With Your Boobs Every Day
Issue Time:2016-06-27
31 Ways to Have More Fun With Your Boobs Every Day


31 Ways to Have More Fun With Your Boobs Every Day

Lets take a second to appreciate the wonder that is your chest. Seriously. Big or small or in between, your boobs are sexy, functional, and make you look pretty damn great in a bikini. So instead of just coexisting with your girls, why not get to know them a little better? We rounded up 31 fun, silly, and smart ways to have a blast with your boobs. We promise, youll be besties before you know it.

Dress them up.
The best lingerie can take your pair from cute to Christina Hendricks (OK, not really, but you get the point). Find the sexiest style for your shape and don it under everything from an LBD to your work clothes. Just think of it as a sexy secret between you and your girls.

Get them wet.
Were not talking wet T-shirt contestthough thats an option, too. Hot water brings your blood to the surface and raises your body temp, both of which make your skin super sensitive to the touch.

Lather them up.
Speaking of showers, heres another reason to hop in right now: dry skin irritates your breasts (and makes them less fun to play with), so find a moisturizing body wash that will treat them right. Pick your favorite and slather it on.

Giveem new nicknames.
Kate Upton reportedly calls hersThe Ladies,” but you can do better than that.

Take them shopping.
When was the last time you hit the dressing room with just your breasts in mind? Yeah, thats what we thought. Go try on a few a style that makes your décolletage look amazing.

Opt for air drying.
Instead of toweling off post-shower, let your girls drip dry for a change. Youll save them from towel-related irritation, and feel a whole lot sexier getting ready.  (Bonus points if youve got a partner hanging around wholl enjoy the freebie peep show!)

Bring the heat.
Another bonus to giving them free range in the morning? You can blast them with a little warm air while blow drying your hair. Seriously, you have to feel it to appreciate it.

Give them a boost.
OK, so you cant actually make them bigger with exercise, but you can make them appear perkier. Try this bust-enhancing workout to tone the muscles that lie underneath.

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Neglect the nipplejust for a minute.
Turns out, your nipples arent even the most sensitive part of your breasts; the area above your areola (between 10 and 2 oclock) is actually much more mmm-inducing. Tease this spot for instant pleasure, especially when youre getting ready to get busy.

...Or dont.
Love your nipples? Then forget neglecting them and spoil them! Caress them, have your partner stimulate them, or dress them up in pasties just for fun.

Let them free.
Every once in a while (like that Sunday when your to-do list is just brunch and binge-watching Netflix) give yourself a free pass to skip the boulder holder. Just make sure your clothes keep everything under wraps.

Have a nipplegasm.
Yesthey exist , and you could have one tonight. What are you waiting for?

Show them off.
Pull off a plunging neckline without having a wardrobe malfunctionwe dare you. Heres how.

Boost their confidence.
Worried about how your ta-tas compare? Take a peek at what lingerie models really look like without the magic of Photoshop. Gorgeous, yesbut also totally human. There, now dont we all feel a little better? Your body is beautiful! Dont hold yourself to truly impossible standards!

Take them out for sushi.
Lunch date, party of 3? Chowing down on that spicy salmon roll can help lower your breast cancer risk, since its loaded with healthy omega-3s.

Touch yourself.
Giving yourself a breast exam isnt quite as exciting as regular fondling, but its just as important to pencil in. Check out our tips for a no-stress self-exam.

Look out for admirers.
Turns out both men and women spend more time looking at breasts than faces, according to recent research. See, everyone is always staring at your chest!

Spritz them.
Dabbing your signature scent onto your chest will make it pretty much impossible for anyone not to catch a whiff when they come in close. And whats sexier than that? Find the perfect perfume for you and share some with the girls.

Play favorites.
If your set isnt exactly the same size, thats finein fact, its normalGrab a handful of each one, spot the differences, and announce the winner. (Bonus points for quirkiness!)

Love every little line.
As much as you want to curse your girls at any sign of stretch marks, heres the thing: theyre largely caused by genetics. So try to stop fretting about them so much. If theyre really screwing up the bond with your boobs, try these tactics to prevent and erase stretch marks.

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Make a date with moisturizer.
Experts say the best way to save the skin on your chest is by moisturizinga lot! And hey, now you have an excuse to give yourself a sexy boob massage every morning.

Work out together.
You wouldnt neglect your workout buddy right? So why are you treating your girls like crap during a run? Find the best sports bra for your boobs so youll both enjoy your workout a little bit more.

Explore different sensations.
If some squeezing and caressing from your partner is all your girls have experienced, they are seriously deprived. Play around with new sensationslike hot and cold temperatures, feather-light strokes or even vibrations from a sex toy. You may find a new favorite way to touch your boobs.

Embrace their size.
Katy Perry revealed to Elle that she wasnt always happy with her chest as a teen, but now shes learned to appreciate them: “Little did I know that these things would come in handy,” she said. So whether youre busty or barely-there, just own it.

Check them out during sex
Turns out, your girls can actually increase in size when aroused (A-cups, rejoice!). Plus, your nipples can get a little darker in color due to increased blood flow. So dont forget to sneak a peak next time youre getting busy.

Let them roam overnight.
Throw on some silky sheets and ditch your top for the night if its warm enough. The amazing feel of the fabric on your skin will feel like luxury (and might even inspire some sexy dreams).

Make sure theyre comfy.
If your boobs arent happy, youre not happy, so make sure theyre not being pinched, poked, or prodded by the wrong lingerie. Learn how to find your perfect bra fit here.  

Do some solo fondling.
If youre not the type to play with your girls during masturbation, you might want to start. Exploring what pressure and sensations you like means youll know exactly what to ask for with a partner.

Or fondle with a partner.
An unofficial poll tells us that pretty much every guy loves seeing you give yourself a hand in bed. And really, who knows how to handle them better than you?

Fake better cleavage.
Wishing you had a little more oomph up top? Dust a little bronzer on your cleavage, dipping between your breasts in a V shape. Oh hey, Sofia Vergara, is that you?

Go aheadstare at them.
Do it when youre getting out of the shower or when you catch a glimpse of yourself in a mirror. Just check yourself out! Because all boobsbig, small, altered, or agingare beautiful.