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Natural ways to banish dark circles

Natural ways to banish dark circles
Issue Time:2016-07-06

Natural ways to banish dark circles

After a sleepless night you can have a shower, make you hair look nice and wear a cute outfit, but those dark circles aren't as easy to tackle. You can lather on concealer in the morning but by the time the afternoon looms in and you look in the mirror, chances are the coverage will have faded.

Before you whizz out to the shops and invest in an expensive eye cream, there are some natural remedies you can test out at home using things you may already have lurking about the kitchen.

Dark circles can form for a number of reasons, from the explained above to stress or hormonal changes. For those of you with sensitive skin, who may struggle to find a solution which doesn't irritate, going natural could be a real game changer. Just make sure you add plenty of sleep and water to the list of remedies too!

Known as the must-have product both in the kitchen and for beauty, coconut oil is something which helps in this area. It's super moisturising to create smooth skin and prevent wrinkles and fine lines under eyes, as well as lightening your complexion naturally. Just gently massage some into the under eye area, leave for a few hours and wash it off. Don't forget to remove the excess as it won't be pleasant if you get any in your eye! Repeat twice a day (if you can) until you notice the results you're looking for.

Tomatoes aren't just good for stings - they also boost your skin's natural radiance and add a supple finish to your under eyes. Mix a little tomato juice with some fresh lemon juice and delicately apply to the area leaving for ten minutes before washing off. It'll boost the skin's cells and banish any darkness which looms. Not a fan of putting tomato juice on your face? Drink a glass instead to see the results!

Grated potatoes (stick with us here) can help, as the juice produced will flush toxins away and reduce any inflammation your dark under eyes may have.

But none of this will help if your wellbeing isn't great. Yoga and meditation help ease stress, depression and anxiety, so try to attend classes along with carrying out the home remedies for lasting results.