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3 Kinds of Toxic Cosmetics

3 Kinds of Toxic Cosmetics
Issue Time:2016-10-07

Long have women and men sought after an ethereal glow and eternally young skin. Many have professed a willingness to die for it and many actually ‘have’ in the search for a miracle cosmetic. Throughout the ages we have unknowingly slathered our complexions in a nefarious barrage of deadly chemicals and taken lethal doses of beauty medications. Here are some of the most shocking and scandalous cosmetic disasters through the centuries. Check out the 3 poisonous beauty products once used –

1.Lead Based Eye Paint
In the Egyptian Era, women and men alike longed for a dramatic accentuated eye. They achieved this sought-after-look by meticulously tracing a thick line of lead based eye paint around the entire eye. Over time the poisonous concoction would most certainly cause severe eye irritation. Yet, this eye paint also had the potential to bring on mental degeneration and even death if one were so vain to use it every day.

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2.Lead Laced Face Cream

In the Roman Era lead laced face creams were all the rage for fixing any and every complexion ailment. One of the most poisonous beauty products of all time, lead cream masks also became wildly popular in this era. Unfortunately, the ingredients in the cream couldn’t have been good for the skin. It was the crushed lead they had used to create the white color in the creams that caused it to be poisonous. The ingredients in the face cream without the lead powder were basic. The elements the creams contained, such as animal fats (similar to modern day lanolin) and starches, where actually healthy for the skin. Yet over time the lead laced cream would take its toll on the user causing unsightly facial sores and lead poisoning.
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3.Red Lipstick or Lead Lipstick?
This is the one that hits closest to home. Believe it or not many red lipsticks today still have a deadly secret. It’s one of the most poisonous beauty products that was used and is still used today. In 2007 hundreds of our favorite red hues were pulled off of the market for containing high levels of lead. The lead in the lip hues are measured by parts per million, which may make this seem like a mute fact. But in actuality the consumption of the minuscule amounts of lead overtime builds up in the human body creating a plethora of health issues. Hopefully, after the find in 2007 the FDA has stepped up and is heavily regulating and testing to ensure our safety.
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