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The Tour of BaiYun Moutain

The Tour of BaiYun Moutain
Issue Time:2016-11-14

The day before yesterday, for mixing work with adequate rest,our company organized us to the BaiYun Moutain.

Baiyun Mountain is a household scenic spot in Guangzhou, which attracts over 20 million visitors every year. Since ancient times, it has been renowned as the "No. 1 Scene" of Guangzhou. Here, you can see an endless stream of mountain climbers every day. On the Double Ninth Festival, it is customary for Guangzhou citizens to climb Baiyun Mountain and take in its beauty.

Our bosses,what a lovely couples~~

After climbing, we feel so exhausted~

Happy times belong to us in Guangzhou Baiyun Mountain, Neutriherbs Family.~~~