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New Product---Neutriherbs Relaxion Blend Essential Oil

New Product---Neutriherbs Relaxion Blend Essential Oil
Issue Time:2017-04-28

Item No.: NHES-005

Type: Blend Essential Oil

N.W.: 10ml / pc

Use:Sitting Room, Office, Bedroom, Hotel, Washroom etc.

Ingredient: 100% essential oil

Brand: Neutriherbs

Country Of Origin: China

Age Group: Adults


Do you often feel nervous, everybody works hard and it seems like finding balance between work and relaxation can be a challenge. Relieve stress, relax your body,neutriherbs Relaxtion Blend Essential Oil rewards you a better life.



alm the mind, bodyand spirit with a perfect infusion of relaxation and tReleaseany uncomfortable tension;

Bringabout a state of peace and quiet throughout the day using oil diffusion oraromatherapy.


Aromatic Lavender, Marjoram, Copaiba Balsam, Roman Chamomile


How To Use


Bath: Add 3-5 drops to full bath and soak. 

Shower: Sprinkle 1-2 drops to shower recess floor and let vapors fill the air. 

Burner: add 5 drops to burner dish or vaporizer for a subtle scent throughout your favorite room.

Massage: seduce or be seduced with 5 drops added to the massage oil of your choice for a luxurious experience.

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