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Autumn Skin Care 2017 - Update Your Skin

Autumn Skin Care 2017 - Update Your Skin
Issue Time:2017-10-09

How to update your skincare routine for Autumn?


Autumn is a time of seasonal change, the temperature drops and the dry air.It shows that hydrating your skin is even more important. And it's best time to repair your skin by correcting any summer damage.


Autumn means dry skin, moisturizing need to properly supplemented before the winter's coming. Using hyaluronic acid serum can improve skin texture and brightness with intense moisture and balance.  Pampering yourself this Autumn with the powerful water energy now.

is hyaluronic acid serum good for skin


Maybe you thought that exfoliation will aggravate dryness. But in fact, exfoliation is the best way to improving the situation of flaky skin.Appropriate exfoliation will help your skin absorb more moisture and improve the effectiveness of nourishing products.

Organic Coffee Scrub exfoliate your skin while helping with blood circulation and promoting healthy looking skin.

coconut coffee body scrub

This Autumn, Neutriherbs Skin Care release your beauty!


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