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Neutriherbs - Two Agents Were Successfully Recruited By Jade

Neutriherbs - Two Agents Were Successfully Recruited By Jade
Issue Time:2017-11-11

Neutriherbs - Two  Exclusive Agents Were Successfully Recruited 

1.Exclusive Agents From South Africa - All Neutriherbs Products

South Africa is a beautiful country, which has been dubbed "the Rainbow Nation", as Africa's second largest economy, has more higher living standards for better life. Meanwhile, it's so happy that we signed the first exclusive agency with such energy and enthusiasm country. 

Neutriherbs will be becoming better and better.

South Africa exclusive agency -Neutriherbs

2.Exclusive Agents From Bangladesh - Neutriherbs Whitening Series Products

Bangladesh has the distinction of being the most densely-populated country in the world. It's a big a huge potential market. Hoping have more exclusive agents in the future days.

Exclusive Agents From Bangladesh

And we amarrie has more than 20 years manufacturing experience, all of our products comply with international quality standards and clients come from a variety of different markets throughout the world. which is always devoted ourselves to develop the natural herbals skin care products, like Blackhead Mask, Face Serum, Face Mask, Deep Clean Series, Essential Oil, Weight Loss etc.Looking forward for further cooperation with more and more cointies.

Neutriherbs - Two Agents Were Successfully Recruited By Jade

Neutriherbs - Jade

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