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How many times a day should you cleanse your face?

How many times a day should you cleanse your face?
Issue Time:2017-12-26

How many times a day should you cleanse your face?

A lot of people always use facial cleanser when they wash face, especially in summer , feel greasy or sweat in the face, and will take the way to clean the face to achieve facial comfort. In fact,cleaning face cannot emphasize the frequency, it is not the more times to wash face, the more refreshing the skin is.

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There are many people have oily skin, the times of washing face in a day is not clear,and they always use the facial wash to control the oil when the face is greasy. In fact, this excessive cleaning, will destroy the sebum film,and make the protective layer of the skin damaged , thus causing the skin to resist the external resistance , and the skin becomes vulnerable.

In general, for healthy skin, it is reasonable to keep a clean face twice a day, morning and night. In the evening, you can properly use facial cleanser two times.If you are dry or neutral skin, only need once a day, using at night will be better, remove the dirt because of the air and makeup. Oily skin can be increased to 3 times, Each time in the early, middle and the late. If the cuticle of your skin is thinner, it is recommended not to use a scrub cleanser. Long-term use will damage the skin epidermis.

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