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Are Natural and Organic Ingredients Better?
Sep 03 , 2021

Many people firmly believe that natural and organic ingredients are better for skin care. But there lies no scientific logic to this. This is because there are a lot of natural products that are not good for the skin. But it is also most probable that a lot of cosmetic companies manufacture products with ingredients that may be natural or synthetic. And it is of equal probability that natural products may cause damage to the skin while synthetic products may tackle the skin problems at the same time.

As we can see on social media, there are many dermatologists and influencers who take immense care of their skin and also impact us. Their natural skin care products mostly contain natural or organic ingredients because they are free of chemicals.

There exist plenty of natural products that are known for being best for skin. Just because something is natural doesn’t necessarily means that they would be better for skin. It is because some natural products are hard to preserve than some synthetic products.

Bad natural Ingredients.

Some natural ingredients are bad too, as they may cause skin sensitivities. They cause dryness and itchiness on the skin. Hence, it is good to keep track of those products which are best for our skin and those that are bad too, in order to avoid them. Such bad ingredients may cause skin breakdown. They disturb the skin’s ability to rejuvenate and renew its natural shape. Due to which it cannot defend itself from natural environmental damage.

This is truer in the case of fragrance of essential skin oils as they may have good aroma but they are dangerous for skin. Also, our skin is very good at hiding sensitivity. So if using something to which our skin is sensitive and it doesn’t show any Signs doesn’t mean that it is beneficial for us.

There are even plant based products that may cause irritation. There are essential skin oils that may cause skin reactions or make skin more sensitive to the Sun.

Some of the examples of ingredients that are natural, but they should not be used in skin care products are as follows.

· Alcohol.

· Papaya.

· Cinnamon.

· Coriander oil

· Almond extract.

Good natural ingredients.

While avoiding the bad natural ingredients, there are sufficient natural ingredients that are very beneficial for our skin. Some of them are as follows.

· Olive oil

· Honey

· Glycerin

· Aloe Vera

· Pomegranate

These ingredients, along with many others, are used in natural skin care products. Although the molecules of natural ingredients are of large sizes than skin pores hence they can’t get inside skin. They are a better option for someone whose skin actively engages with natural skincare ingredients.

In my opinion, Natural skincare is better than using artificial creams which have a lot of chemicals. And one can not deny the fact that anything natural has always been more beneficial for us. Even most of the man-made skincare products have a natural look for alluring customers. According to recent statistics, more than half of the population use natural ingredients for skin.

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