Health and Beauty-Washing Face
Feb 22 , 2021

How to judge that the face has been washed clean?

After cleansing, the skin is smooth, the pores look clean and tidy, there are no particles of makeup products, and it is basically clean.

How many times do you need to wash your face a day?

How many times should I wash my face a day? Is it better to wash your face with cold or warm water?

Wash your face once in the morning and night each day. It is recommended to use warm water, but if the oil secretion is very strong, the skin barrier function is stable, and it is not easy to be sensitive, you can also clean it once after the lunch break.

How many minutes is best to wash your face?

No matter what type and texture of facial cleanser, do not massage on the skin for more than 1 minute, otherwise it will affect the barrier health.

Do I need a second clean after removing makeup? Do I still need to use facial cleanser after using cleansing oil?

This is certain. After removing makeup, you must use face wash to clean it again, especially makeup remover. Once the emulsification is not complete, or there is oil residue in the pores, it is easy to cause acne.

Should I use a towel to wash my face?

Is it really dirty to wash your face with a towel? Is disposable cotton soft towel the only choice?

It is best to use disposable cleansing towels, but towels are no problem. It should be noted that the towels should be changed at least once a month, and must be fully dried after each use to avoid the breeding of mites and bacteria.

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