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Life Hacks for Skin's Health and Immunity
Sep 30 , 2021

The largest body organ is the skin. Its primary function is to protect us from external pollutants. But when someone does not take sufficient care of their skins, it does not perform its function well and ceases to become a barrier from external pollutants. In order to keep the skin in the best condition and make it maintain its role of protection, one should take care of it.

The skin is that part of the body which shows the stories that were part of our lives. For instance: aging, health, hyper-pigmentation, pregnancy, acne. All these are clearly reflected by our skin. Also, skin is the outer-most covering, in most cases it remains uncovered; hence they are visible to everyone out there.

Skin performs many important functions for humans' survival.

· The most important function of the skin is play a protective role. It defends our body from microbes and microorganisms that are present in the external environment. We are all exposed to these harmful bacteria and viruses.

·  Skin also performs role of thermoregulation by maintaining our body temperature at a normal of 37.5 degrees Celsius.

· It performs an osmoregulatory function in the body by maintaining the level of salt and water in our blood. Through this, it also controls the loss of water and humidity from our body through perspiration

· The skin has pain and temperature receptors that alert us to any emergency situations. Also it keeps us safe from dangerous Ultraviolet rays from the sun.

There are many factors that influence our skin. They may be external or internal. Internal factors include hormones, diabetes, aging or genetics. While external may include exposure to the sun, washing with hot water, stress, insomnia, lack of exercise, smoking, dehydration and unhealthy diet.

There are some useful ways suggested by dermatologists in order to maintain our skin health, which are as below:

· Maintaining a healthy diet: One should eat healthy foods like mango tomatoes, olive oil, white tea, and green tea in order to counter the signs of unhealthy skin.

· Controlling stress: Stress is a primary cause of aging. Due to stress, many skin problems are caused. For instance, pimples, dark circles, hair loss, rashes on skin andacne. In order to keep the skin protected from these skin issues, one should adopt stress reduction methods such as yoga and meditation.

· Keeping skin moisturize: One should adopt the habit of keeping skin moisturized and smooth. For this it is mandatory to take shower daily with warm water and use of gentle cleansers after shower should be promoted.

Along with this, it is very important to take care of skin’s immunity. According to the dermatologists, the best factor in improving skin’s immunity is eating a healthy diet. One should eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, fibers, protein and fats. This is because fiber helps in nourishing the microbiome of the skin by making the collagen function strongly. Vegetables help in providing polyphenols and antioxidants. The skin performs its level best in acidic environment; hence alkaline products should be avoided. Also, the use of vitamins and minerals should be increased for the proper functioning of the skin.

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