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Moisturizing Niacinamide Serum For Anti-acne

Niacinamide Serum can help soothe skin, minimize the pores, prevent breakouts, relieve redness and fade acne marks.

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Best Moisturizing Niacinamide Serum For Anti-acne丨30ml

Neutriherbs Niacinamide Serum actively work to control excess facial oil, minimize the pores and prevent breakouts. Niacinamide also can help soothe skin, relieve redness and fade acne marks. Additionally, this serum is packed with Hyaluronic Acid to deliver steady hydration all day. Your skin will appear healthier, brighter, and more youthful within 4 weeks.

Niacinamide Serum Benefits:

▪Control excess facial oil, minimize the pores and prevent breakout

▪Soothe skin, relieve redness, and fade acne marks

▪Deliver steady hydration all-day

Key Ingredients:



Visibly improve the appearance of enlarged pores, uneven skin tone, fine lines, dullness, and

a weakened skin surface

Restores skin's moisture barrier and locks in hydration, and increases moisture, firmness and elasticity of the skin

Complete Ingredients:

Purified Water, Glycerin, Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides, Niacinamide, Behentrimonium Methosulfate and Cetearyl Alcohol, Ceteareth-20 and Cetearyl Alcohol, Ceramide 3, Ceramide 6-II, Ceramide 1, Phytosphingosine, Hyaluronic Acid.



1. Wash and pat the skin dry.

2. Apply toner before applying the serum.

3. Apply a thin layer of serum over the desired area and allow to dry.

4. After the serum has dried completely, apply your favorite moisturizer.



- For external use only.

- Avoid direct contact with eyes.

- If the product gets into the eyes, rinse thoroughly with water.

- Not to be used for children under 3 years of age.


Bank Transfer, Paypal, Western Union, Visa Card.


Delivery Date:

Within 3days once payment confirmed.



It will take about 3-7days by DHL/Fedex/Air

It will take about 24-25days by sea

Good Quality for Packing

1. We have an independent quality inspection department. All products have undergone 5 quality inspections, including packaging material inspection, quality inspection before and after raw material production, quality inspection before filling, and final quality inspection. The pass rate of the product reaches 100%, and we ensure that your defective rate of each shipment is less than 0.001%.


2. The carton we use in packaging the products use 350g single copper paper, a lot better compared to our competitors who generally use 250g/300g. The perfect quality of the carton can help protect the product from damage so it reaches you and your customers safely. The printing technology is high, and the paper quality is guaranteed. Products are more textured, customers can sell at higher prices, and profit margins are big.


3.  All products are packaged with inner box + outer box. The inner box uses 3 layers of corrugated paper, and the outer box uses 5 layers of corrugated paper. The packaging is firm, and the transportation protection rate is 50% higher than that of others. We ensure that the product damage rate is less than 1%, reducing your loss and customer complaints and negative reviews.

No harmful ingredients to the skin, such as nipalgin, pigment, ethyl alcohol, and hydroquinone.

We promise we will not harm animals and follow the world's most stringent EU standards.

Branding trust: 

Exported to over 180 countries or regions—deeply trusted by partners. There are over 1000 branding agents and more than 1000KOLs who can actively bring goods cooperation.

Business scope: 

Focus on serving the distribution partners of major accounts and pay attention to cultivating small and start-up agents to obtain the maximum profit return under the lowest risks.

Sales support: 

Beautiful marketing pictures and videos, free samples, hand-drawn bags, and posters.

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