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Should Skincare Products Contain Alcohol?
Nov 09 , 2021
There must be a reason why skincare producers include alcohol in a skincare product. Alcohol in products is therefore not all a bad story; it must have some benefits it brings on the table to deserve mentioning at all. Indeed, it has helpful use like aiding the skin to soak up more ingredients rapidly, but because of its harshness, the ingredient may trigger skin reaction or irritation.

There are different forms of alcohol, some cause dryness, and triggers irritation, and others effectively moisturize the skin. Because of its adverse ability to dry out the skin and other controversies surrounding its use, one wonders if it makes sense to avoid it totally or use it according to a certain quantity. In this article, you will find out what you need to know about alcohol in skincare products.

According to FDA, it is defined as a big and varied class of chemicals having various names and results on the skin. There is a good number of reasons alcohol is included in skincare products declares Lauren Fine, the board acclaimed skin expert at the Chicago Surgery and Dermatology. Alcohol makes product texture light and stylish and enhances the skincare brand's overall consistency, which makes it penetrate faster.

Different alcohol names found in products

*Alcohol denat or denatured alcohol can be found in lotions, makeup, hairs, and skincare product.
*Ethanol or ethyl alcohol
*Isopropyl alcohol is found in varieties of a product like hair and nail, and skincare.
*Methanol or ethyl alcohol
*Benzyl alcohol is typically present in teas and fruits, cosmetics, soaps, hair products, and cleansers.

Lanolin alcohol also named stearyl, cetyl, or Cetearyl; is a fatty alcohol, unique from others, and utilized in skincare. This type of alcohol is seen in cleansers, eye makeup, hair conditioner, and foundation. Lanolin alcohol aids in skin miniaturization, and when applied in formulas, it can also stop liquid and oil from splitting.

So, alcohol is good and should be included in all skincare products?
Not really, the debate on whether alcohol is bad or good for the skin has been on for a while, and opinions about its usage vary. Some groups of people okay the usage, while other groups say no. The reason for the disparity in opinion will be discussed next.

The group that approves the addition of alcohol into the product affirms that it can go through oil upsurge and melt grease and dirt on the skin. The other group declares that alcohol is too harsh for sensitive skin, and may cause more dryness. Before using alcohol-based products find out about your skin type. On the flip side, it is a blessing for people with very oily skin as it helps to lessen clocked skin pores.

To date, there is no publication that out rightly and conclusively condemns the inclusion of alcohol in skincare and beauty products. What is available are just controversial opinions from different people based on their personal experience. The general rule of thumb is never to use alcohol base products on sensitive and dry skin, except on oily skin because surprisingly, it provides immense benefits to oily skin.
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