Spring Festival or Chinese New Year
Jan 28 , 2021

The Spring Festival is the Chinese New Year in the traditional sense. It evolved from the sacrifice of praying at the beginning of the year in the ancient times. After thousands of years of inheritance and development, many customs have come down to the present moment, such as sweeping dust, staying up late, visiting the relatives, dragon dancing and other traditional customs.

"Hey kids, don't be greedy, New Year will come soon after the Laba Festival". After eating Laba porridge, it means that you have stepped into the threshold of the new year. From the twelfth lunar month 23, the older family members are busy ending the old things and welcome the new, which is preparing for the new year. When all (Sweeping the dust, worshipping the kitchen, making tofu, greeting Jade Emperor, catching disorderly years old, washing Fulu, and posting couplets on doors) is ready, it is the Eve of Spring Festival. The Eve of Spring Festival is the last day of the year, commonly known as "New Year's Thirty".

Chinese people have been paying attention to "not forgetting their roots" since ancient times. On this day, no matter how far away from home, people will hurry back home to reunite with their families. "Everyone, come and enjoy the food I cook, joyous gathering, good luck, Welcome five blessing, abundance. Do they look okay?" After the full meal, people will start Shou Sui in a real sense. Shou Sui is a custom that appeared in the Jin Dynasty. It is mainly manifested in that the lights on New Year's Eve will stay on all night. Nowadays, there are some people who still maintain this custom.

"Grandma, grandpa, I take brothers and sisters to pay you New Year greetings " "Good, everyone has lucky money. All of you." Lucky money is an ancient coin worn by children in the Western Han Dynasty, which is to suppress evil and pray for happiness. And later it evolved into " Lucky money "

"People usually hang out with families on the first day of the New Year. On the second day, couples go back to home of the wife's parents together. On the third day, people would avoid eating rice. Finally, on the seventh day of the New Year, people would celebrate “birthdays” together." Why people celebrate “birthdays” together? There is a legend that Nuwa created human on this day after animals such as chickens, dogs, pigs, cows, horses and monkeys being created. Now some customs have been forgotten, but there is no need to have any regrets. When the old is abandoned, a new one must be born.

This is the end of the introduction for traditional customs of Spring Festival. Finally, may the joy of New Year be with you throughout the year.

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