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What Does Salicylic Acid Do For Your Skin, Exactly?
Aug 06 , 2021

If you are suffering from skin acne problems such as inflammation, redness, pimple related issues or want to get rid of your dead skin cells, this article can prove to be very helpful to you. If you’re not already familiar with salicylic acid, it belongs to salicylates, a class of drugs. Salicylic acid is very effective in shedding dead skin cells.

Shedding these dead cells means so much in recovering from any kind of skin problem. All kinds of acne related issues are normally visible on the top layer of your skin. When these dead cells of the top layer are removed, a major part of your skin related issue starts to heal up. Swelling or redness of skin and pimples is reduced and the healing up process speeds up.

But there is something you must know before you go for using salicylic acid. Some people don’t go into the depth of any drug or product and start using it without any proper knowledge and expert instruction. That may result in further damage instead of recovery. Suppose if you would go for using salicylic acid in its actual form, and use it without proper instructions and knowledge you may end up damaging your skin. The problem can be even worse if you use it daily in its original form.

It’s recommended to go for salicylic acid in a mild form i.e. 2% salicylic acid. Or use skincare product such as serums and creams containing salicylic acid. As these products are made by experts and they know very well what quantity of salicylic acid is effective for you. If used within a proper FDA approved product you can even use it twice a week (as per instruction of your dermatologist)

Now coming back to the benefits of using salicylic acid. Salicylic acid acne resolving ability is definitely at the top. Using salicylic acid can provide soothing effects to your skin. Once your skin is purified you can enjoy the natural glow and smoothness of your skin. Excessive oil is one of the main causes of acne. Salicylic acid removes the extra surface oil and removes the irritating shine of oily skin from your face.

So many people would like to know whether salicylic acid reduces pore size? It’s actually a big YES. It exfoliates pores that would result in a reduced pore size with no oily skin or pimple or any kind of redness on your skin. If you don't take care of your pores, you will face a number of skin issues. Apart from routine facials and using sunscreen, you should also use some product containing salicylic acid to get rid of pores related issues.

Hence salicylic acid is very effective for your skin. You can actually get rid of a number of acne and other skin related problems using salicylic acid in a proper form and quantity. There are Salicylic acid Gels and Salicylic acid Masks available as well. So you choose the product as per your requirement and skin type.

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