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Why Choose Neutriherbs

NEUTRI: Nature HERBS: Herb, plant.

For over ten years, our focus has been gentle yet effective plant-based skincare. We use plant extraction technology to bring you products that are safe and non-irritating.
Our core production design concept is "Mildness Plus." Our products are mild, safe, and effective.
NEUTRIHERBS upholds the brand concept of "Mild and Effective." All our products are manufactured in accordance with EU skincare standards.

No harmful ingredients to the skin, such as nipalgin, pigment, ethyl alcohol, and hydroquinone.

We promise we will not harm animals and follow the world's most stringent EU standards.

Business scope: focus on serving the distribution partners of major accounts and pay attention to cultivating small and start-up agents to obtain the maximum profit return under the lowest risks.

Sales support: beautiful marketing pictures and videos, free samples, hand-drawn bags, and posters.

Professional focus: focus on plant skincare for 20 years to better understand the efficacy of plant formula.

Mild ingredients: extract natural herbs, the essence of fruits and plants, to enjoy a true source of nature.

Strict standard: strict control quality from raw materials to the finished product.

Branding trust: exported to over 180 countries or regions—deeply trusted by partners. There are over 1000 branding agents and more than 1000KOLs who can actively bring goods cooperation.

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