You Need To Know About Skin Care Before You're 30
May 25 , 2021

The age of 25 is an important boundary where the skin condition begins to decline. The metabolism of women at this age slows down, and sebaceous gland oil secretion begins to decrease. Common skin problems include dullness, dryness, pigmentation, dry lines, fine lines, nasolabial lines, and enlarged pores. Therefore, starting from the age of 25, the key to maintenance is to pay attention to moisturizing, anti-aging, firming the skin, and restoring skin elasticity to maintain the elasticity and gloss of the face.

In addition to following the standard skin care procedures for maintenance, be sure to choose anti-ageing firming products for skin care. In particular, use serums and eye creams with firming functions to prevent and combat wrinkles.

1)  External use: From this age group, moisturizing, firming, and barrier repairing products are necessary. They can be used in stacks or divided into morning and evening use. If you feel that you have used too many products, at least moisturizing serum, purifying and removing turbidity serum, barrier repair serum must be necessary, and must be used in conjunction with compact series products.

Use of facial mask: 1 time a day;

Exfoliating: once a week;

Usage frequency of cleansing cream/massage cream: once a week;

2) Diets: To drink more water, and eat fresh fruits, vegetables, and collagen-containing animal protein foods (such as: fish, lean meat, etc.). Eating more of these foods can prevent dry skin, crow's feet, muscle relaxation, etc.

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